The Arts Centre

Arts Centre Melbourne

Arts Centre Melbourne – called “The Arts Centre” by locals – is a complex of theatres and concert halls located next across the Yarra River from Finders Street Station. One of its most notable features is the large decorative spire on top of it.

Theme: The Summer Court Embassy

There is a small population of Summer Court subjects in Melbourne so the Summer Court uses the Arts Centre as a pseudo-embassy to the resident Winter Lord.

Face: Lorrie

High Concept: Fabulous Ambassador Of The Summer Court
Motivation: Proving Himself To Titania By Bringing Balance To The City
Lorrie appears to be a regular human whose hair is a vibrant mix of unnaturally bright red, greed, blue and yellow. He isn’t a Sidhe but most people assume he is powerful as he was appointed by Titania herself. Lorrie is a complete contrast to the dour Winter Lord – he’s loud, outgoing and extremely camp – camp to the point he dresses as if it’s Mardi Gras all day everyday.

The Arts Centre

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