Will Powers

Guardian of Peace/Weapon of Heaven


Will Powers

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Superb: Weapons, Endurance
Great: Might, Conviction
Good: Athletics, Discipline
Fair: Alertness, Intimidation, Empathy, Presence
Average: Investigation, fists, Guns, Lore
Stunts & Powers
  • (-1)Holy Touch
    When acting with a pure heart
    and selfless purpose, your very touch is harmful
    to creatures vulnerable to such things.
  • (-2)Righteousness
    (Desperate Hour. In times of most desperate
    need, Will can call out a prayer for aid from
    the Almighty. Any time He is hit by an attack
    that requires him to take a severe or extreme
    consequence to avoid being taken out, he
    can make such a prayer.)
  • (+4)Shield of faith
    Supernatural Toughness
    As a holder of The Shield of Faith, Will is granted +2 armor and +4 boxes of physical stress.
    Inhuman Recovery
    (Will is able to recover from physical
    harm that would leave a normal person
    permanently damaged. Will can recover
    totally from any consequence excluding
    extreme ones)
    (Will’s high concept through the shield grants him super human abilities)
  • (-2)Inhuman Speed
    (Will was always quick on his feet. Years of training with the Guardians made him fast, alert and agile. +4 to alertness for determining initiative and all athletics checks are at made at +1 .These are just the standard perks that come with this power)
  • (-4) Supernatural Strength
    (With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons, etc.),
    you are at +4 to damage, increasing the stress
    dealt by four on a successful hit.)
  • (+3) * Powers catch *
    Will is bound to uphold the will of God, If he Actively kills innocents or willfully performs an evil act all his powers will cease. Also as he acquires more of the Pieces of the Armor of God he receives less fate points during refresh. Also Angelic weapons bypass toughness powers.

High Concept

Guardian of Peace/Weapon of Heaven


My Prey is Hunting Me (The Thing is actively seeking out Will due to Will possessing the Shield of Faith)

Other Aspects

  • Intolerant Of Evil
  • Out Of Time
  • My Friends Are Few And I Don’t Intend To Lose Any Of Them
  • Act Now, Think Later
  • Did Someone Call God Squad?


    William Powers was raised by Johnathan and Martha Powers two Knights of “The Guardians of Peace”(A secret order of the government charged with defending the earth from all evil). They taught him How to live, fight and to be a strong Christian man. Will always remembers the words that His Father said to him at a young age “Faith in God is the thing that will get you through all adversity”. When his parents were killed by demons he was taken in by Solomon Humphreys (A senior Knight of “The Guardians of Peace”). Will learns that his parents were killed because they found one of the legendary items of power “The Shield of Faith” , This is one of the four items that are told to be used in the final days of mankind to defend against the onslaught of Evil. Will learns through a vision from God that his calling is to be “The Weapon of Heaven” and the only one capable to wear the Armor of God to defeat the Evil one.

    Rising Conflict: The “Thing”

    Will has to find a balance of helping his friends and keeping focused on his calling. He is continuously trying to decipher what it was that went through ahead of him in the portal, what will he do when he finds it… or … what he will do if it finds him first.

    The Story: Weapon of Heaven

    Captain Will Powers (A member of “The Guardians of Peace”, a secret order of the government in world war II ) is sent into the heart of Germany to investigate the rising Nazi Occult activity. Hitler is training wizards in an attempt to summon the an outsider of incredible power only known as the Thing. The beast gets summoned and as Will attempts to engage it the Nazi wizard Lucius collapses the portal creating a singularity pulling Will and the “Thing” inside. Will gets flung through space and time … and into 21st century Melbourne passed out in the street. Heath Matters finds Will unconscious on the ground and attempts to “acquire his belongings”. Noah Fitzroy sees this happening and knowing Lyon stops him and and feeling that Will is good helps him get to grips with his new situation of living 50 years in the future. They take will to the VFG and introduce him to Charles Knight (An ex Warden and Wizard who works as a freelance Detective for the Melbourne PD) , and Jim Kane (A genius Werewolf science student from Melbourne UNI). Will knows his purpose is to find the remaining armor and track down the “Thing” but since he doesn’t have any leads he decides to help his new found friends.

    Guest Star: The Seed Of Evil

    Will assisted Charles Knight in the final confrontation against a warlock who was enthralling children.

    Guest Star Redux: Love’s Labours Lost

    Will helped Jim Kane rescue his girlfriend, Leanne, from a cult attempting to summon a demon.

    The High Calling: the Armor of God

    Will Possesses one part of the set of armor from the Bible known as the " Armor of God " , He carries the Shield of Faith and is sent by God to retrieve the other 3 items (The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit and the Breastplate of Righteousness). Where these are kept is only known by the vibrations given off by the items when they get in close proximity of each other. Will is charged with this recovery for this is the armor that will play a part in the final battle for mankind. If this falls into the evil hands all could be lost. Will also remembers feeling one of these vibrations when we was initially fighting the “Thing” for the first time…

    The Armor Of God:

    These Items are unbreakable. Nothing can destroy them. They were forged in Heaven.

    First Item: The shield of Faith:
    Second Item: The Sword of the Spirit:
    Third Item: The Breastplate of Righteousness:
    Fourth Item: The Helmet of Salvation:

    Taking Supernatural titled abilities satisfies “High Concept”

    Will Powers

    The Dresden Files: Melbourne HazzardousDuke