Bastard Gandson of Melbourne's Winter Lord


Noah Gail Felix Fitzroy


Superb: Discipline
Great: Investigation, Conviction
Good: Scholarship, Lore, Alertness
Fair: Athletics, Endurance, Presence, Empathy, Rapport
Average: Deceit, Contacts, Resources, Stealth, Weapons

Stress & Consequences

Physical: O O O Mild Any −2 O           
Mental: O O O O Moderate Any −4 O
Social: O O O Severe Any −6 O
    Extreme Any −8 O

Stunts & Powers

−2 Channelling (Air/Weather)
−2 Ritual (Divination)
−1 Echoes of the Crow (Alertness, Investigation)
−2 Inhuman Speed
  All athletics checks at +1, including dodging. Sprinting makes this +2. Ignore -1 zone penalty when moving as part of another physical activity. +4 to initiative roll.
−1 Free-runner (Athletics)
  When sprinting, Noah gains a +1 to Athletics, and any borders he chooses to clear by jumping are reduced by 1.
−1 Open-minded Researcher (Scholarship/Lore)
  +1 to any research (whether Lore or Scholarship).
−1 Friendly Demeanour (Presence)
  Noah has a friendly, open face that disarms people a little. When rolling Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to you (i.e. Charisma), make the roll at +2.
−10 Adjusted Refresh: 2

High Concept

Bastard Grandson of Melbourne’s Storm-Crow Winter Lord


Curiosity Killed The Changeling

Other Aspects

Social Climber Just Trying To Fit In
Don’t Push Me!
Trouble In Both Courts
Living Freedom Of Information Act
I Forecast Stormy Weather


Born to a poor single-mum household, Noah managed to gain scholarship entry into a private school. Forever the outsider he tried his best to blend in – getting into trouble through peer pressure constantly.

Rising Conflict

When he was older Noah travelled to Sydney to study meteorology. While there he joined a circle of hedge wizards where he discovered his fey origin. The Summer Court attempted to recruit* him but he refused. Apparently was greatly offensive and was run out of town.

*(read: pestered)

The Story: Meeting Daddy Dearest

Noah returns to Melbourne, determined to find his mysterious fey father. He meets Jim Kane and they searched together for a while. Noah then met Charles Knight, who helped him locate the Winter Court. The fey tried their hardest to capture Noah but Jim returned in wolf form to help him escape. Charles then gets the Winter Court off Noah’s back by reminding them that he has a right to choose.

Guest Star: More Than Meets The Eye

Noah visited a new exhibition at the Melbourne Museum and was intrigued by a fancy, possibly magical necklace. Several visits later he noted Lyon Janus’s similar interest and after deducing his magical knowledge he happily shared what he had learnt about the necklace’s nature. After it was reported stolen Noah happily reported everything he know about Lyon (save some choice bits) to the police.

Guest Star Redux:Weapon Of Heaven

Noah found a pick-pocketed and time-shunted Will Powers, helped him adjust to modern life and then helped him hunt down the… Thing the Nazi’s summoned. He and Lyon Janus helped Will with baiting it, providing cover fire and distractions.


The Dresden Files: Melbourne luthen