Wizard Consulting Detective


Charles Leeroy Knight

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Superb: Discipline, Conviction
Great: Lore, Endurance
Good: Weapons, Intimidation
Fair: Investigation, Presence, Alertness, Rapport
Average: Contacts, Resources, Empathy, Athletics
Stunts & Powers
  • Evocation
  • Thaumaturgy
  • The Sight
  • Soulgaze
  • Wizard’s Constitution
  • Refinement
  • Cool Under Fire – +2 to Evocation Control only after sustaining a Minor Consequence


High Concept

Wizard Consulting Detective



Other Aspects

  • Defender Of The Helpless
  • Never Hesitate For Anyone
  • Reads Between The Lines
  • Better Safe Than Sorry
  • Everyone Has The Right To Choose


Born 1963 in England to a single mother. He learned to fend for himself and help others in lots of fights in public school. (Hippies message taken diff way, people I helped were friends but couldn’t fight, powers in highschool)?

Rising Conflict

Became a Warden very early but retired after seeing one too many children killed because of the laws.

The Story: The Seed Of Evil

A Warlock started enthralling children and twisting them to his will and Knight went out to investigate. Enlisting the aid of Will Powers he tracked down the warlock and kicked in the door. At that instant, Orson Jones was breaking into the warlock’s house and they all stumbled onto each other and Orson was dragged into the final confrontation.

Guest Star: Love’s Labours Lost

After investigating a cult in Melbourne uni, Knight helps Jim Kane save his girlfriend Leanne from it… but not before thinking Jim’s in responsible for the cult in the first place.

Guest Star Redux: Meeting Daddy Dearest

Knight helped Noah Fitzroy get away from the Winter Court by reminding them that, as a changeling, whether or not he joins winter court, the choice is his. And his alone.


The Dresden Files: Melbourne Galetone