Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Four million people call Melbourne home. It has a wide array of cultures, a low crime rate and a large public health care system. It has topped The Economist‘s "world’s most liveable cities" list three times. All in all it’s a pretty nice place to live.

Unless you’re in-the-know.

Australia’s history stretches well before European settlement. In an age known as the Dreamtime godlike fey walked the world and interacted with the indigenous people of the land. The barrier between the mortal world and the Nevernever is frighteningly thin here – when Melbourne’s mortal population sleeps… well. They called it the Dreamtime for a reason.

Four Seasons In One Day

It’s somewhat of a trope amongst those out-of-know to depict Melbourne in the rain and Sydney in the sun yet they are apt reflections of the supernatural climate: the Winter Court own Melbourne and the Summer Court own Sydney. That is how it has been since time immemorial. A powerful Sidhe known as Bellin is the local ruler of Melbourne. He keeps keeps watch from the skies raining terror down on those who might usurp his rule.


The Dresden Files: Melbourne Foodstuff