The Dresden Files: Melbourne

Desmond and Leanne

Desmond and Leanne

“FUCK YOU!” she spat at Desmond, “YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T HARM ME!”
“That was if you cooperated,” Desmond replied dryly, “now you have other uses.”


iLoveCats3236: i just heard a gunshots #melbourneuni
anotherMonst4r: @iLoveCats3236 zomg me to! #gunshotsmelbuni
sw1tchB14d3: @anotherMonst4r @iLoveCats3236 I can totes hear fighting from a few apartments down. #gunshotsmelbuni
iLoveCats3236: @sw1tchB14d3 omg who iz it #gunshotsmelbuni
sw1tchB14d3: @iLoveCats3236 No idea and I don’t want to find out! #gunshotsmelbuni
b1oStudGATC: does @GuardianBill know? #gunshotsmelbuni
anotherMonst4r: @b1oStudGATC fuk hm hes usless #gunshotsmelbuni
sw1tchB14d3: zomg it’s @W00fJ1M’s place! #gunshotsmelbuni
anotherMonst4r: @W00fJ1M hey are you ok?
iLoveCats3236: @W00fJ1M r u k?
sw1tchB14d3: What’s going on down their @W00fJ1M?
b1oStudGATC: @W00fJ1M hold on dude @GuardianBill’s on his way!
W00fJ1M: Hey guys me and some friends were playing with some firecrackers and things got out of hand. #gunshotsmelbuni #dontworry
b1oStudGATC: @W00fJ1M dude fireworks illegal in victoria!
iLoveCats3236: @W00FJ1M u had me scared 4 a moment!
anotherMonst4r: @W00FJ1M lols
sw1tchB14d3: @W00fJ1M where did you get them?

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