The “I promise this is the last time I change something” edition

Lyon Ewan Janus

Physical: 2
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Superb: Deceit, Discipline
Great: Burglary, Stealth
Good: Lore, Conviction, Resources
Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Scholarship
Average: Contacts, Presence, Intimidation, Guns

Stunts & Powers

  • [-2] Channelling (Illusion)
  • [-2] Glamours
  • [-1] Pick-Pocket
    Lyon takes no penalty for using Deceit to snatch or pick-pocket small items from under his target’s nose.
  • [-1] Nimblest of Fingers
    Lyon gains a +2 bonus to Burglary for the purpose of lock-picking.
  • [-1] Uninvited Guest
    The suppressive effect a threshold would have on Lyon’s spells is halved.
  • [-1] Taking On The Persona
    When taking on the Illusory Persona of another, Lyon may use Conviction instead of the appropriate social skill (Deceit, Empathy, Intimidation, Rapport, or Presence) when using the social skill his Illusory Persona is strongest in. When taking the Illusory Persona of ‘Orson Jones’, this applies to Intimidation. When taking the Illusory Persona of ‘Heath Matters’, this applies to Rapport.
  • [-1] Shocking Revelation
    Once per scene at the cost of a fate point, Lyon gains an extra +3 bonus to an Intimidation roll when coming out of an invisibility veil.
  • [-1] Underworld Overlord
    Lyon gains a +2 bonus to Resources when using money for things that are “strictly business” related.
  • [-1] Item of Power: Canopus, Eye of Wahn
    • Eyes of the Trickster Crow
      The wearer’s veils do not impose any penalties when looking outwards through them. Additionally, the wearer’s Perception skill rolls are not penalized by darkness.
    • Feathered Shadow
      Under the cover of darkness, the wearer gets a +2 bonus to their Stealth rolls.

High Concept

Illusionist Informant


Want It, Need It!

Other Aspects

  • I Read It In A Book Once
  • Living Two Lives
  • Flight Before Fight
  • Act the Villian, Be the Hero
  • Right Place, Wrong Time


The youngest of three children in a poor family, Lyon had to resort to petty theft to live. Learned by reading into areas he was interested in. Magic doesn’t run in his family so he assumes that his powers are a combination of random luck and learning.

Rising Conflict

After Lyon’s father is killed in underworld infighting his family wanted revenge. Lyon refused to kill out of principle and faked his own death using illusions to. He approaches the somewhat cluey Victoria Police as ‘Heath Matters’, becoming informant in the underworld under another alias ‘Orson Jones’.

The Story: More Than Meets The Eye

When the Melbourne Museum begins an exhibition of a rather fancy trinket, Lyon sees it as Orson’s chance to prove himself to his criminal friends. But after Noah Fitzroy tells Lyon that one of the pieces is more than a pretty necklace, Lyon finds he’s not the only one looking to snatch it. He needed the help of his friend Jim Kane to escape from the crazy people looking to steal the necklace he just ‘inherited’.

Guest Star: The Seed Of Evil

Lyon was innocently breaking into a random town-house when Charles Knight kicked down the door an enlisted his help in taking down the warlock inside.

Guest Star Redux: Weapon Of Heaven

Lyon relieved Will Powers of his posessions after Will had been thrown through a portal from World War Two. It’s okay, he helped Will kill the… Thing that came after him.


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