Werewolf PhD


Jim Henry Kane

Physical: 2
Mental: 2
Social: 2
Skills (Human)
Superb: Scholarship
Great: Contacts, Empathy
Good: Presence, Athletics, Rapport
Fair: Alertness, Investigation, Performance, Driving
Average: Stealth, Resources, Craftsmanship, Might, Survival
Skills (Wolf)
Superb: Fists, Endurance
Great: Athletics, Stealth
Good: Alertness, Intimidate
Fair: Performance, Investigate, Survival
Average: Driving, Rapport, Empathy, Might, Burglary
Stunts & Powers
  • Claws
  • Doctor (Scholarship) – Jim has trained as a paramedic and can remove medium physical consequences outside hospital, as well as gaining +1 scholarship on medical research
  • Scholar of the Arcane – Jim has studied the occult extensively, and uses his scholarship score for research rolls on the arcane
  • Believer in Science – Jim can use his faith in science to shield technology and use it even in the presence of magic
  • Hamstring – In wolf form, Jim’s first hit against an opponent that inflicts two or more physical stress also places on them an aspect of ‘hamstrung’
  • Inhuman Recovery – Combining his skill in medicine with his growing shapeshifting powers, Jim is able to recover from minor injuries in his own human/wolf body – however, the catch is that it causes mental stress equivalent to casting a minor spell


High Concept

Werewolf PhD


My Friends Walk Dark Roads

Other Aspects

  • Friendly & Trusting
  • Doesn’t Do Things By Halves
  • There Is Good In Everyone
  • Why Are You Naked?
  • Overly Trusting


Grew up in a large family with spiritual parents. From an early age he was ambitious and interested in science.

Rising Conflict

Jim’s girlfriend Leanne discovered how to become a hexenwolf and shared it with Jim. Jim loved being a wolf but couldn’t handle losing control so he figured out a way to become a werewolf so he could retain control. Leanne continued to be a hexenwolf despite Jim’s best efforts to wrest her from it’s control.

The Story: Love’s Labours Lost

Leanne begins to seek greater things and joins a cult to summon the demonic wolf-god Kanus. With the help of Will Powers and Charles Knight (who thinks Jim is attempting to summon Kanus), Jim and his friends attempt to save her from the inevitable consequences.

Guest Star: Meeting Daddy Dearest

Jim shows Noah Fitzroy around the city when he returns to Melbourne. Jim also helps Noah escape from the Winter Council

Guest Star Redux: More Than Meets The Eye

Jim helps Lyon Janus escape from the madmen trying to steal the necklace that Lyone recently ‘inherited’.


The Dresden Files: Melbourne AlexFinkel